Did the Mayans have a connection with Mars?

Did the earth harbor an extra-terrestrial civilization 65 million years ago? New research indicates this may be true.  Let’s take a look.

In his book, Dark Mission, Richard Hoagland identifies the “Face on Mars” with the Maya. The “Face on Mars” refers to a feature on the planet Mars that looks like a human face. It was photograph by the Viking spacecraft in 1976. He also states that Mars was destroyed 65 million years ago.  Well, if Mr. Hoagland is correct, then, we have to accept this extreme age for the Mayans.  If this so, we need to find proof here on Earth.

Actually, it may be possible to get proof of such an extreme old age for the Mayans.  To do this it is necessary to change the way we view the Mayan civilization.  Since today’s science does not accept human existence beyond 200,000 years, we have to postulate that today’s Mayans only re-occupied a previously lost civilization, a non-human civilization.

If we examine a map of the Mayan temples, we see that their locations are oriented  southwest to northeast.  If we draw lines connecting those temples and then re-position the Yucatan to the way it was 65 million years ago, the lines we drew now show the Mayan temples to be laid-out parallel to the southern coast in an East-West orientation.  This has to be more than coincidence. A closer look shows us that the Yucatan was a level coastal plane with a sea to the south. The Mayan temples have to be more than 65 million years old.

Furthermore, other archeological sites in Mexico share this same orientation.  Teotihuacan, 25 miles northeast of Mexico is one example. Again, if we re-position Mexico to where it was 65 million years ago, Teotihuacan is now aligned east to west. This east to west orientation is preferable because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Also, since the earth wobbles, the sun would rises at a slightly different place every day and return to its original point at the beginning of a new year. The whole city lay-out acts like a giant calendar.

One more thing, a launch pad in this region would aid a rocket to achieve escape velocity since it can take advantage of the earth’s rotational velocity.

Although we have found evidence for a 65 million year old Mayan civilization, the world will not accept it unless it is provided with irrefutable proof.  What is needed is an expedition to uncover the KT boundary and find artifacts below it.

So, why not begin a “Mission to Earth” to seek out this proof. This is the only way to deal with NASA. Find the proof on Earth. We would like to assist in this quest.


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Author, speaker, and researcher of various unexplained mysteries including lost civilizations, human origins, religious mysteries, and UFOs. Mr. Black is available for speaking engagements.
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