Man and Dinosaurs

Did you know that there are sincere people out there who believe that man coexisted with dinosaurs? Yes, really, no fooling! They believe this for a variety of reasons that are based on real evidence that can be seen and touched.

But how can this be true, you may ask?  Didn’t scientists find evidence that man is only a few million years old?  What about the fossil discoveries in Africa?  Well, there are discoveries and there are discoveries.  Let me tell you about one of them and you can judge for yourself.

The most important evidence in favor of humans and dinosaurs coexisting are the ICA stones. They are found in Peru. You can find photos of them on the internet. They upset the apple cart, so to speak. That is because they have engraved drawings of people with dinosaurs. People are shown hunting and riding these animals. The ICA stones also show people doing heart surgery and using telescopes to look at the stars.

Wow!  How come academic scientists don’t talk about them? That’s easy.  If something doesn’t fit their theories or is not discovered by an academic then they discard the discovery. So, because they were discovered by non-academics, they are conveniently ignored.

In defense of academic scientists we must state that there is a great deal of evidence that dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago and that humans originated 6 to 4 million years ago in Africa. Can they both be correct?  How can this be?

If we examine the ICA stones very closely, we will find the answers. Close examination of the ICA stones demonstrate that the “humans” are not human. They are also not extra-terrestrial beings. This discovery upsets all the rhetoric and controversy.

One of the ICA stones shows a person being attacked by a dinosaur.  If you look closely at the head you will notice that the eyes have no eye lids. Now, look at the forehead. The angle of the slant of the forehead is extreme for a human.

The nose, it’s not a nose but a snout.  It is longer than most human noses.  Now examine the hands.  They have  five very long fingers.  There is no palm and no thumb.  These beings are not human because they are not anthropoids.  Humans are primates that are “monkey-like”. They have hands, thumbs, eye lids, and short dry noses and not snouts, and smaller ears.  Humans belong to a classification of beings called anthropoids.  These beings are not anthropoids. The only current classification that these beings would fit into would be Pro-simian.  Pro-simians originated 85 to 63 million years ago.

WOW!  This is simply fantastic!  What we have discovered is that a race of intelligent Pro-simian beings coexisted with dinosaurs and had a civilization.  Furthermore, the images on the ICA stones indicated that they domesticated dinosaurs.  This would make the construction of huge rock and stone building projects very possible.

Furthermore, these Pro-simians evolved into human beings.  Man did not come from monkeys but evolved from an intelligent Pro-simian. So, evolution is also true.  One more thing, they are not extra-terrestrial beings.  The ICA stones also show a more primitive being with even more extreme features. This indicates that the prehuman Pro-simians evolved on Earth from more primitive beings.

The fact that the ICA stones were found in Peru means that it is a real possibility that these Pro-simians were the original societies of South and Central America.  Also, considering their association with dinosaurs, they may well have become extinct together with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.


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3 Responses to Man and Dinosaurs

  1. anna says:

    Hello re the ICA stones the stones with figures and dinasours,are these not the figures who had medical instruments far,far superior than we have today ,and I believe they are pictured doing a c section birth??
    Wonderful site I love your theories,and I dont for one minute believe we are the first civilised race to live on Earth,as to where we came from I think we are from another far off planet/world ,and I believe past races have destroyed life on Earth with Nuclear weapons,such as Bush/Bliar would love to do
    thank you,cllr anna seymour UK

  2. Ronald Martens says:

    I have been intrigued by the statues on Easter Island. To really find information on these is very difficult because mainstream science are hiding many things from the public. Be it the Ancient pyramids or any structure world wide. I believe there existent advanced races on Earth. The evidence is overwhelming. It just not make any sense to build a massive structure and use slaves to cart massive rocks 500 miles in the case of the Giza Pyramid. The general consensus that all humans originated in Africa I do not accept that as true. Perhaps we had extraterrestrials on Earth but undoubtedly advanced races that could travel outerspace and maybe teleported like using a stargate. I would say life was on Mars and there was a co existence between earth and mars and travel or a stargate. Buzz Uldran did make a slip of the tongue leading to the possibility he has been to Mars.

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